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Fuck this.

Seriously, Garrett was this fucking close to throwing in the nonexistent towel, nonexistent given that there was no real way to quit. Other than offing himself, and that was for pussies. But this was too much for him to take- Jeremy Franco, the smug fuck, having the balls to ignore him and act like he was in control, like the situation was under control, which, okay, bullshit. Nothing was under control, and whatever little stability they had now was definitely not by Franco's hand. Franco had done shit-all. Garrett was in charge here, because Garrett could never be part of something he wasn't in control of.

Other than...this. That. What happened. But I didn't want to punch everyone in the face then, so...it's different.

And then there was this girl, who was probably in shock, or batshit, or just really fucking annoying, he didn't really care which it was since it all added up to the latter. God, did she shut up? Ever? No? She went on and on and Garrett let himself not pay attention to what she was saying, at all, because he was still distracted by this announcement thing, this Liz and Mirabelle not being dead maybe thing. Also by this Jeremy Franco needing a brick between the eyes thing. "We've just gotten into a bit of trouble with some very dangerous people"? Yeah, okay. A bit of trouble. That's all. No terrorist death squad or anything. And "Garrett and I... I mean, if you need any help, I'm sure we can oblige-"

Speak for yourself.

But still. This girl was a person. A fairly well-armed person who didn't want to kill him. That was...something. If he could justify keeping Franco around, it probably made sense not to chase this girl off. Another warm body between him and no. You don't think like that, this isn't a...a fuckin'...I'm not like him. I'm not Danya. I'm not supposed to let anyone die, not even crazy girls. Okay, so she annoyed the fuck out of him, and okay, so a week ago he would've chased her off, no hesitation, but he was different now. He needed people. Not to protect himself, to get this thing, this revolution underway.

Fiona Sparki was no Mirabelle Nesa, but she'd have to do.

As long as she'd knock it off with the fucking nicknames.

"Here's the deal," Garrett started, trying to keep the irritation out of his voice. "We're...I don't know if we're still being pursued, but we were. At the other end of the tunnels, yeah? We were..."

He considered for a moment whether to mention Liz. Decided against it. Her name would probably anger more than a few people on this island. What if this girl'd been friends with one of the kids who got popped because of her?

"...with a few others, and there was this plan to break some shit in the tunnels. get it? To fuck with their...uh..." He couldn't for the life of him remember exactly what it was Liz had meant to do in the tunnels. Had to be important. But Garrett was never good with technical details. "...fuck with their shit. And then suddenly there were Danya's men on our asses with big guns. They gave me thirty seconds to run or they'd pop my collar. So...I ran."

He grimaced. Wondering how little Belle must think of him. Funny how he cared.

"Franco followed me out. I don't know where the others went- I figured they must be dead, but none of their names came up on the announcements...maybe they're somewhere else, maybe they're still being pursued. Maybe we are. Who knows? Point is, we're basically wanted men. What we get for trying to start shit."

Here it came. The Tyler Durden, first-rule-of-Fight-Club-is, leader of men voice. Garrett was very good at it. He'd had years.

"We're going to fuck Danya over, big time. We can do that much. We can get people on our side, get everyone to say a big fuck-you to the boss man, and we can take over this island. We can get people home safe, and we can end this fucking game. It's gonna be dangerous, yeah, but it'll be worth it, and...shit, if you're willing to stick with us, you can. But you've gotta be part of this. For real. Or else..."

He felt like he was repeating himself, somehow.

"...if you can't keep up, get the fuck out."
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