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Nick hadn't been hungry. That wasn't good. Jennifer wasn't all that versed in nutrition, but wasn't loss of appetite usually a bad sign? She was pretty sure the body eventually consumed itself, broke down its own muscles and organs just to keep the brain going. She didn't want to think about that happening to her friends, or herself, for that matter.

Bodies were just things, right? Was it so disturbing that things decayed?

Nick distracted her by talking about the announcements. He was also dealing with his hand. Had it been hurt when Jennifer had first met him? Was that the wound she'd helped him treat? She couldn't really recall. Nick had so many injuries it was hard for her to really keep them straight. It was amazing he could hold together as well as he was. It made Jennifer stop and consider her own physical condition a bit more. Atrophy aside, she was still fine. Still uninjured. She felt a little bit guilty about that. What made her special?

It was so fucking stupid.

Melissa kept moving the conversation along. She wanted to know the circumstances of Nick's latest killing. Jennifer didn't. She didn't want her perception of Nick to change. Until the secret was out, all potentials were equally valid. As soon as Nick spoke, though, he would be condemned or vindicated. It was like that experiment she'd heard about in science class, the one with the cat. It had some German name she couldn't remember right now. Didn't matter. Nick was probably about to tell them.

Would she stick with him if it had been murder?

Probably. She felt dirty just thinking it, but she doubted she would leave him now unless he murdered someone in cold blood right in front of her. She was so fucking dependent, so fucking scared of being by herself. Nick and Melissa were the only two people she hadn't alienated in some way during her time on the island. They were her support network. They kept her sane.

"Um, but, um, but only if you want to talk," she said, rather lamely. "If it's, um, painful, we can wait a bit."

She felt like she was betraying Melissa here. Fuck. Why couldn't it just be easy? Why couldn't Nick have kept things under control?

Why couldn't it all just get better?
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