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Melissa remained silent a Nick said that he was willing to talk about the announcements. That was cheering. No "Go away." or "Shut up." A...weak admission, sure, but an admission nonetheless and he wasn't really being...well, he wasn't really doing anything, to be honest. Not that much sorrow, not that much anger, not that much denial or justification...perhaps at this point, it was just a fact of life. Something that happened and could be dealt with rationally and calmly like it was just another thing. Melissa could understand that.

She couldn't help but wonder if the people back home could understand that. They had seen everything had happened, of course. They had seen every single detail and event in this through their televisions, their streaming video, their...whatever. She still didn't know why they wanted to watch it. Morbid curiosity? Watching a relative or a friend struggle? Placing bets on who would win? Melissa hoped it wasn't the latter...to have something like that occur would just...just show how far on the moral compass humanity had fallen.

But even if they could watch it...did they understand what was going on? They weren't here. They weren't on the island. They saw it across a screen, a barrier that separated them from the emotions and feelings that ran rampant through the place. And that...well, that was probably okay. They needed that. Imagine if they didn't have that barrier separating them emotionally from everything...life would be a lot more interesting, to say the least.

"Um...well..." She began, looking at Nick somberly. "I just want to know what happened and why...that's all."
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