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They see me walking, they hating
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Madeleine flinched as she heard someone yell out angrily. She didn't know what language it was, but they sounded upset about something. The girl stood at the threshold, weapon in hand, unsure of what to do. They sounded male, so they probably weren't Violet or Anna. This caused her to sigh. Another dead end. Still, maybe the person would have some information for her, so it couldn't hurt to talk to them.

"He-hello?" She called out again. "This is umm... Maddy. Smith. Umm.... C-can I come in?"

Wow, that sounded stupid. Maddy shook her head, trying to get rid of her nervousness. She didn't need someone trying to take advantage of her cause she was scared or something. Not that anyone would do that. Besides, she had a gun, and she'd used it already. What would stop her from using it again?

No. No, she needed to stop thinking about that. One was more than enough for her. If she hadn't killed Jonathan, then she wouldn't have to be looking for Anna. Because he'd still be alive. She let out another nervous sigh, waiting for a response from whoever was inside the building already.
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