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Autumn dragged her pyre out to sea. As it turned out, she was planning a sort of viking burial. That would mitigate the direct attraction of players factor, and it also lent credence to the theory that Autumn was hoping to flag some rescue down, delusional as that was. As the body drifted away, Claire stood and watched. Autumn began to speak, talking to herself about how this wasn't fair. She was upset that things hadn't worked out for her, but, hey, weren't they all? The sense of entitlement was disconcerting, though. That was the sort of thinking that could easily lead to her deciding she was more deserving of survival than anyone else.

So Claire didn't interrupt the other girl's speech. She just let her go on. Autumn had, after all, dropped her guard to at least some degree while sending her raft off, a mistake Claire hadn't made during this encounter. She was pretty sure she was better equipped to deal with a conflict than Autumn.

She still didn't like it, though. She didn't like any of this. Being unable to trust people was the way to survive, but it also took a tole. Claire's friends had all died, though. All her stagettes were gone now, except for Samya, who she hadn't seen and wasn't as close to as, say, Aislyn. She was utterly, painfully alone.

She'd have been happy to have JJ back right now. Happy to have another shot at Brennan, for that matter.

Instead, she was stuck with Autumn, awkwardly waiting to see if the girl would snap.
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