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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Same disclaimer as Inky, at least generally. I can't be buggered to check because this is so half-assed.))

Felicia waited for her death. The death that she called upon herself for her terrible mistake, now her greatest crime. The death that she truly deserved, even though it also meant ending her suffering. The death that never came.

Amidst the terrible echoing gunshots that bounced off the walls of the building and repeatedly assaulted her ears, another sound came from nearby. Footsteps, somebody barreling towards her or at least in her general direction. Frightened and confused further by this and the delay in what should have been a bullet puncturing her brain, Felicia looked up just in time to see somebody strike Quincy with his entire body. She knew him, just like she had a handle for just about anybody at... at that school, but no name came. Even Quincy's name was nearly lost. In fact, all that really seemed important was that she had a moment.

With Quincy displaced and the boy suddenly running towards the opposite side of the warehouse, his path allowed Felicia to see her target once more. She stared at the door that had been flung open by her savior's flight, and thought nothing more on the subject. She picked up the gun that had now killed two people, stumbled only once or twice under the weight of her daypack, and didn't even look at Tiffany as she ran for her life.

I just want to find Rosa...

I just want Rosa...

I just... Rosa...

((Felicia Carmichael, continued in The man your man could smell like))
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