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Jennifer seemed fine with meeting Nick again, offering him a bottle of water with a slightly shaking hand. That was good. There wasn't any yelling. No crying. No shouts of betrayal or accusations of murder. Perfect. That was the Melissa wanted it. That was the way she liked it. It was easier to talk like this. To understand each other and understand the situation. Nice and peaceful discussion....wasn't that always the best way to resolve disputes? Even disputes that involved murdering your own classmates?

Nick took the bottle after a cough, gulping it down before offering an answer to her question. Melissa remained silent throughout, just listening to him as he stammered and stumbled awkwardly to the finish line. He kept it light. Airy. Didn't have that much substance in it. A summary of a summary...he left out the part where he had killed someone as well. That made sense. At least it showed that Nick wasn't proud of his feat. That he wasn't willing to go "Oh yeah, there was this kid. Killed him. It was fine. No problems."

Still...to leave it just at that was unsatisfying. A silence fell among the group and Melissa fidgeted a bit, wondering who would be the first to break it. To her, the subject of the announcements hung in the air like a bull in a china shop. You knew it was there but you just wanted to pretend it wasn't and that it wasn't just ruining everything and destroying all the pretty little plates and dinnerware because they were just so pretty and something so nice should be destroyed.

"So..." The word slipped out of her mouth before she knew it. "We've uh...we've been fine. Yeah. Just walking. Talking. Thinking about things. Waiting for friends, you know. The like. Just heard the announcements too...actually."
"Oh god dammit, I lost my sense of humor around here. Someone help me find it."


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