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The triumph rushing through Eiko's head almost had an intoxicating quality to it. So assured was she of her success that her mind already ran through the possibilities of what she could do with her newfound grenade launcher. She wouldn't be vulnerable to the whims of the predators; instead she could be one, if she so chose. With one click of the trigger, she could reduce anyone to a smear on the soil, including the great and terrible Lombardi!

But reality hit her like a bucket of ice-cold water when Hartmann blocked her clumsy strike with ease. Eiko trembled then, wondered how it was possible that Hartmann could possibly be this good at thwarting her every ambition. Did she have divine protection?

No, Eiko realized, anyone could have seen Eiko coming. The power and ferocity and true aim of her attack existed only in her own mind. In reality, her feeble arms were no more capable of causing intentional harm with her clumsy weapon than they were capable of delivering the knockout punch in a boxing ring.

Hartmann taunted her, mocked her for taking advantage of her distraction, the only way Eiko could possibly hope to win in a fight. Eiko felt tears brimming in her eyes as her outrage quickly turned to shame. Not a month ago, she'd been a proud, successful, confident young woman with the best opportunities in the world available to her. She was a strong candidate for valedictorian! She'd gotten letters from dozens of prestigious colleges, including Harvard and Yale! Now she was an anemic jackal, trying to scavenge scraps from more deserving players and being chased away by jackals even more rabid than her.

She imagined her father frowning and shutting off the TV, prematurely ending his vigil in watching his formerly darling daughter. He would never speak her name again, would refuse to open the door for her when she returned a broken and worthless shell of a woman. And even that was pathetically naive of her to imagine.

The only thing keeping Eiko from collapsing on the ground and weeping was Hartmann. Hartmann had every advantage, and could kill Eiko at any moment, if her mad whims gave her the reason to. Eiko kept her weapon locked with Hartmann's, preparing herself for a mad dash away from the center, a dash that would end when Hartmann used her new toy to blow her body apart.

As Eiko desperately weighed her options, she looked into Hartmann's eyes. There was nothing in them. Nothing at all.

"P-please..." she whispered. "I'm so sorry..." She felt her grip on the sodegarami slacken, the strength leave her knees. She collapsed as hot, bitter tears finally ran down her face. "I don't want to die..."
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