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As he bit down on the cloth Mizore had given him, Maxwell began to wonder whether or not letting this strange girl stitch his arm up really was worth the intense pain he found himself experiencing.

Of course, deep down, he knew fine well that the answer was yes. And that this girl's act of kindness towards him was a godsend considering his reputation on the island. But that didn't change the fact that he was under a tremendous amount of pain at that particular point in time, and that it was taking him a lot of willpower not to react violently to his temporary companion's attempts at treating his injury.

DAMNIT, this stings! This bloody nip better know what she's doing...

The fact that Mizore had began to drone on about her lifestory didn't help matters. In all honesty, whilst it was nice to be able to have a friendly conversation with someone for once, the young Brit couldn't help but find this girl to be UNBELIEVABLY boring. He couldn't have cared less whether or not she was an artist, or that she apparently had a tag back in the 'real' world by the name of Radio Asuke. Her only saving grace as far as he was concerned was the fact that she was somewhat cute... Well, kind of cute anyway.

Still, if he was to continue this facade of being some polite American suck-up by the name of Jonathan Blake, it would mean pretending as if he didn't find everything this girl had to say to be tedious drivel.

"Oh no, not at all. As far as i'm concerned, any kind of conversation beats having to dodge bullets, especially seeing as the last girl I met tried to blow my head off..." he replied, removing the cloth with his free hand. "Damn psychopath nicked my arm... God, if only I knew what her name was. All I remember was that she had blue highlights in her hair, and ran around with her shirt off for some reason. Apart from that, I can barely remember a thing about her..."

Of course, a part of him suspected that Mizore wouldn't know who the girl he was referring to was either. Still, there was always the small possibility that she'd recognize the vague description and mention a name, and it didn't hurt to try to use this opportunity to figure out more information about his chosen targets.

"Radio Asuka you say? Can't say I've ever heard of it... Still, you seem to be doing a much better job at surviving then I am. If you hadn't of shown up, I'd probably of messed this up and - AH! - gotten an infection or something..."

He winced again as Mizore continued to sew his arm up, telling himself over and over again in his head that this would all be worth it in the end once she'd finally finished her work. What happens afterwords, however, was something he'd yet to consider. So many options to choose from...

"So, you've be drawing stuff all around the island? What kind of stuff, dare I ask?"
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