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Acacia put a hand to her own scalp, running her fingers through her hair. She pulled a face at the grease she felt there, this was the first time since she'd woken up that she'd even thought about what she looked like. The old self, the self that hadn't had to euthanise one of her friends, the self that didn't carry a pistol in the waistband of her jeans, that old self, would never have gone this long without looking in a mirror. Copying Thea, Acacia rifled around in her bag for her own mirror, a mid size black compact that had her name written on it in fake pink diamante gems. It had been a present when she'd left the Long Island Junior Cheer Squad. An even older version of herself, her pre-Minnesota self, had thought it was a bit tacky.

Four years of high school meant that she'd grown into it. Even if it was perhaps a bit juvenile to have her name on it, it meant that it had never been stolen (she'd never met another Acacia and was dubious that she ever would, especially now). Also it was just really good quality, the mirror was clear and reflective and, unfortunately, showed herself now in perfect clarity. After getting a glimpse at herself, Acacia immediately snapped the mirror shut, before slowly opening it again to get a better peek at herself.

She looked a sight. Wispy baby hairs around her hairline were stuck to her forehead with what appeared to be sweat and pure grease. There was a scratch just above her left eyebrow that had already half healed with a dubious looking greenish scab. Her face shone with perspiration that she hadn't particularly felt, mixing in with the dirt that had tracked across her cheekbones and smudged agross her nose, giving the at a glance appearance fo freckles. Acacia rubbed furiously at the dirt, which obligingly refused to shift, and she instead managed to make in look even worse. There was a pimple on her cheek, and another from her forehead, probably there due to the mixture of stress and poor nutrition. Mascara smudged on her lower eyelids, and her red sclera had her look like she might have been crying, though in her own opinion, she hadn't been crying enough. Crying might release some of the tension that she could feel building up inside her. For a moment, she squeezed her eyes shut, and tried to convince herself that she was somewhere else. Then she opened her eyes and looked in the mirror again. Still here.. Her hair, despite being greasier than she had ever allowed it to get, didn't look too bad. She had tied it back and it had adopted what was almost a surfer-girl look (not that she really did surfing owing her her hatred of the sea).

"There's a whole ocean out there," Acacia said to Thea, indicating the sea with her right arm. "Heck," she added, in a forcedly light tone of voice, "if we swim far enough it won't even matter what we look like any more!" she shook her head at her own joke, feeling sickened by it. "Sorry, that was uncalled for," she apologised, half because the joke was crass and half because she didn't want Thea to think she was crazy.
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