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Melissa agreed with Jennifer's assessment of the situation. She talked about how she felt like she couldn't avoid rambling, how her stops had been stripped away. Jennifer could relate all too well. After all, hadn't that happened to her repeatedly now? It was what had caused her original falling out with Nick. It was what had happened on the beach. She'd learned all too much about herself in those moments. She'd learned that she could be a total fucking bitch for no good reason. She'd learned that she could hurt people on a whim.

She'd learned that she just couldn't kill.

She still wasn't quite sure how she felt about it all. She was disappointed by some of it, sure, but she didn't hate herself. It was strange. She'd somehow always assumed that she would hate her unrestrained self, loathe everything that she became when the restraints were off. She didn't. She was a bit ashamed of some of it, of her parting words to Marco and Alex, and she wished she hadn't done some things, but she really didn't hate herself.

Her thoughts were interrupted by another voice. A new arrival, but a familiar one. One she hadn't quite expected to run into so soon, even if he was the reason for their trip up the mountains.


She shouldn't have wanted to see him. She should have been furious that he had killed again. She should have given him a piece of her mind. Instead, she smiled cautiously. She was glad to see him. Sure, she was hurt and disappointed and more than a little scared, for him and everyone else (though not for herself), but it was still just nice to see him again.

She'd untangle the knot of her feelings later. Melissa spoke first, greeting Nick. Jennifer followed, saying, "Hi, Nick. Are you, um, alright? Water?"

She held the bottle out towards him, hand shaking a little. Just from fatigue, though. That was it.
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