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"Ah...you're telling me." Melissa said with a sigh as she continued to rest, casting a tired glance in Jennifer's direction. "Everything sucks. The food, the weather, this whole thing sucks." She laughed a bit. "Sorry...sometimes I can't help but ramble...it's like...you're so tired that the controls you impose on yourself just pop open and you just let whatever exit your mouth. I'm sure it's something like that..."

She was all set to fall silent again and just go back to minding her own business when she heard a somewhat familiar voice. Turning, she saw the last person she had honestly expected to see again. Nick Reid was standing right there, looking dumbstruck and no worse for the wear. Although considering that he had already looked like shit, adding a few layers of dirt and other crap didn't really make him looking much different. 'Well...at least he's safe...I'm sure Jennifer will be happy.'

Melissa looked over at her friend. Now that she thought about it, was Jennifer happy? After all, Nick had been on the announcements just hours before...but Jennifer still had wanted to wait. Well...she was sure things would still be fine. So she gave Nick a small smile and a quick wave, just to make sure he knew she was there as well.

"Hey Nick. Had a hard time...huh?"
"Oh god dammit, I lost my sense of humor around here. Someone help me find it."


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