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Alice watched as the girl sailed past her, heard the girls surprised and frightened cry as she stumbled down the hill. Alice looked away at the last second, turning away quickly enough to avoid seeing the girl fall. But she heard that snap as clear as day. It conjured to mind images of a dry stick being broken in half, and that was enough to cause her to grimace. Bounce was pulling her along, sounding alarmed enough for both of them.

Alice let herself be pulled along and she tried not to think of Ash screaming and falling and dying. Because thinking about it would be the same as admitting that she killed her. But that's exactly what happened, wasn't it? She killed her. She was a killer, no better then Raidon or anyone else mentioned on the announcements. But it was self-defense. It was clearly self-defense. Ash had come at them with a weapon, and there was only the one thing she could have done. It made perfect sense. She was innocent, justified even. Then why did she feel so guilty?

She let Bounce drag her along blindly, breaking out of her stupor long enough to grab the bag Dutchy dropped as they hurried past. It occurred to her to question why they were running, but she really didn't mind beating a hasty retreat. As they fled, she cast one last glance over her shoulder at the hill Ash disappeared down, but she mercifully out of sight. Alice didn't know what they were running from, but she didn't want to stick around anyhow.

Now what? She got that they were running, but running where? What would they do next? Still look for Aaron? What if he didn't want them around now, because of her? What if Bounce didn't want her around? Once she settled down and started thinking straight, she'd realize Alice was more a liability than an asset. Not only was she injured, but she was a killer. Once the announcement hit, everyone would know it, too. They could target her, and Bounce would be in the line of fire.

Why did Ash have to ruin everything? Because she was too greedy/violent/whatever, everything was screwed up. Now Bounce would leave, and she'd be on her own once again. No Vic, No Bounce, just her. Alone again, worrying herself sick about those she cared about, but not being able to do anything to protect them. Her hand tightened around Bounce's.

((Alice Blake, continued in Confessional))
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