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Thea glanced down at her friend and shook her head, maybe all the thinking before had been a waste of time. This definitely was the Charlene she knew. Take a break from this crazy game to sunbathe, because whether they died here or managed to survive they had to look good doing it. She laughed and copied Charlie’s actions shaking out a towel of her own.

She sat down and began searching through her bag. With a satisfied smile Thea found what she was looking for, pulling out a hairbrush and a small mirror that had managed to stay intact. She frowned as she held the mirror up and got a glimpse of herself for the first time in almost a week. She attacked her hair with a sense of purpose; she’d deal with the dirt trails her tears had left later.

“You know after we’re done here, we should go find some fresh water. I could really use a bath. Well, at least getting some of this dirt off of me,” she said. After several minutes of effort she had her hair smooth and pulled back into a bun, then lowered herself onto her stomach, gazing out into the water.
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