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Bounce felt mute, helpless and paralysed all at once. Everything she tried to say turned to ash in her mouth. She wanted to give out some advice, some warning, even console Alice a little, try and break the news. But it just... all seemed pointless, hopeless. She felt lost.

The familiar faces came and went, the rock was thrown, caused a panic, a brief thought that was still actually on the dos and don'ts tutting and shaking its head. All the while, Bounce just stood there, taking deep breaths, trying not to just completely and utterly lose it.

She felt on the verge of tears.

Then suddenly, somebody was charging at them. Alice - injured Alice - took the responsibility directly out of Bounce's hands and after a moment of gratitude, she felt a crash of guilt. Had she really just done that? Let her hurt partner take the brunt of an attack from a girl wielding a... lantern? Wow, she was hard up, even more than Bounce, still carrying this DAMN gasoline. No! Stop thinking about the damn game and-

The girl went flying past as Alice pushed her, tumbling down and out of sight. Bounce stared at her companion, grabbed her by the hand, finally out of her reverie.

"Run!" she barked.

((Bounce --> Confessional))

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