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((Inactivity avoidance type post))

Neill nodded at Bobby as he left the group, jumping to the conclusion that he was going to do something biological. Still, it didn't mean he was comfortable being left alone with Rachel, even if it was, as he hoped, only for a few minutes. He smiled warily at the girl, tapping his pen against his chin.
the world is on my side
i have no reason to run

v4 nostalgia

shiny shiny V5 concepts (now with clickies)
Phoebe Cho - I shall be playing Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E minor. Wizard!
Harry Hanley - I've got Hershey's at half price today! Get 'em quick before I have rehearsal!
Lor Van Diepen - I'm gonna make a video later. About running. Does that sum me up enough?
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