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(I am so late. Melissa Li continued from And A Buck Short.)

Melissa hated mountains. Oh, she hated them before. She hated them ever since she had come across a mountain...this particular one, actually, earlier in Survival of the Fittest and had to climb up it. Mountains were tall, had little shade, and because a mountain is a mountain, they were always an uphill climb and that was tired and made her body hurt like all hell. If she had a choice...if she somehow obtained the power to manipulate terrain at will, she would cast down all mountains like an angry, vengeful god and laugh as all the little mountain people begged for her forgiveness. They would cower before her, the Cruel One, as she struck all mountains (even Mt. Everest) from the world and laid bare the land.

Melissa paused for a moment, blinking as she wiped away the sweat from her forehead. 'Okay, that was kind of weird.'

Her breaths were coming out in hard gasps as she lugged her pack over her shoulders. It had been...hell, she had lost track of time since they had left the groundskeeper's hut and they had taken very little in the way of breaks along the way. She didn't know how Jennifer or herself could keep such a grueling pace, but somehow they had done it and they had arrived at the mountain...somewhere. Waiting...for Nick or something. She was tired, she didn't really care why they were here on the mountain, a pair of insignificant specks that were waiting for yet another insignificant speck.

But at least they were alive. Tired, hot, thirsty, but alive. Melissa dimly heard Jennifer ask if they could take a break and she nodded, dropping her bag before letting her legs collapse beneath her. She landed on the ground, groaning as she tucked in her legs. "Ah...damn. Remind me...if I ever get kidnapped for Survival of the Fittest again? Remind me to like...never get anywhere near another mountain. For as long as I live. Mountains are just bad luck. They're Satan's horns, you know."

She gave a weak laugh, closing her eyes and resting her head against her knees. She was tired. There was no other explanation for...what just happened. She wasn't the type of person to joke like that, but there it is. Melissa groaned, just taking this time to suck in a few precious gulps of air.

"I hate mountains..."
"Oh god dammit, I lost my sense of humor around here. Someone help me find it."


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