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It was Bobby's turn with the paper, but he was distracted. For a second there, he could have sworn he'd seen someone nearby. It was indistinct, shadowy. It had looked like a girl, maybe, or a very short boy, off in the trees. He couldn't even be entirely sure that his imagination wasn't just playing tricks on him. The fact remained, though, that there could very well be someone nearby.

It'd be best to check it out, if only quickly. And it'd be best if Rachel didn't come along. Bobby was glad she'd calmed down some. He was glad she was acting more sensibly. He still couldn't be sure that she wouldn't freak out again. More than that, her presence would jeopardize any attempt at diplomacy if the person was nervous. She did have two kills to her name. On his own, he might be able to win them another group member, as long as he could give them advance notice of Rachel's presence and state of mind.

Still, she wasn't going to be happy about this. He couldn't leave her entirely, so he simply gestured to her and said, "Take my turn. And Neill, watch my stuff for a moment, okay? I'll be right back. Just got a bit of quick business to take care of."

There were plenty of ways they could take that. Bobby trusted them to pick an innocuous one, as he started walking in the direction where he'd seen the form. Besides, he would be right back. Nothing to worry about.

((Robert Barron continued in A Quick Break))
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