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Can you hear me?
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The sobs kept coming.

She couldn't stop. She wanted to stop, but she couldn't. She wasn't sure if they'd ever stop.

She... she... she... she wanted to go home. For all this to end. For her not to suffer anymore. For no more people to die. She could keep wishing, but in the end, she knew that wasn't the case.

For Anna Chase, everything had gone to shit.

The crossbow slipped from her fingers, landing to the ground with a gentle thud.

She was distantly aware of Nick by this point, acting as if he wanted to approach her, but he seemed to hesitate and remained where he was. Well, he was a fucking killer, wasn't he? Why was he stalling? He had a perfect shot at her, but she was still standing. But she didn't want to die. She just wanted to know... he had no reason to hesitate and attack her, didn't he?

He mentioned something about owing her one, and....

He left.

Chase stared at him as he disappeared, the tears still pouring down her face.

What was there to do?

She was stuck here. This place continued to give her the creeps. She might get robbed again. Or something else might happen.

Slumping to the ground, she let out another burst of sobs, burying her face in her gloved hands.

This... this wasn't what she wanted. But what did she want? Well, for starters, no death. Absolutely no fucking death. In the past, Anna Chase wouldn't have said that, and would have jokingly made a comment about "more death". But not anymore.

No more death. No more death. No more fucking DEATH.

She hated Nick, and R.J., and Madeline Smith, and Quincy, and god knew who else. She hated everyone. Some part of her wished that they'd all go away. For all this shit to go away. She hated them, hated them!

For several more minutes Chase continued to melt down, her sobs loudly continuing.

Once they stopped, Chase stared at the ground, with her crossbow and bag nearby and what was left of Marty still on the ground, beginning to become cold.

She still didn't know what to do.

Her reddened eyes began to focus on Marty's corpse.

Suddenly, she began to wonder. Why did he run out like that? Nick wasn't threatening him directly. Heck, he was talking to her, not him. And it wasn't as if he would fight for her, right? She wasn't the kind of person people fought for. She had learned that a long time ago, with Kitty and What's-His-Face. It would be silly to think that he would die for her!

The best thing for him, though, was to not leave him out in the open. Give him a proper burial or cremation or something. But what could she do about it? There were no ways to dig a hole around, and although she kind of sort of knew how to make a fire, she had no clue how to make one big enough for cremation.

She... might as well at least look. That might as well be the thing to do right now.

Chase stood up, and grabbing her crossbow and her bag, began to investigate. As she approached the carousel, she couldn't help but notice that Joshua's body was gone. She would have given him something decent as well, but-

Was that a shovel?

She quickly scampered towards it.

Yup, a shovel. And not only that, but a grave-sized hole. There appeared to be a filled-up hole, as well. Another grave? Must be. She hadn't noticed it before, that was for certain. Both of them couldn't had been dug while all that was happening, could it?

Then she remembered. Marty! A hole had already been dug! Of course! Maybe it was reserved for someone else, but it could do nicely for him!

She placed her bag and crossbow on the carousel, and just as she turned to go get Marty, she hesitated. Blurred images of Gracie attacking her filled her mind, of being grabbed by the hair, of being dragged away while someone who could help couldn't... she stood there for almost a few minute, reliving the memory.

It wasn't that far to carry him over, was it? Maybe if she just placed the bag and crossbow... right inside one of the carriage/bench parts and under the seat? That could... actually work, or at least not make her freak out and much.

So she promptly did so, and went off to grab Marty.

As she approached, she actually got a proper look at him. His eyes had glazed over, staring off into nothing. What was his last thoughts, she couldn't help but wonder again. What provoked him?

Chase sighed. Might as well take him to his grave, then.

She grabbed him by his legs, and tried her best to drag him over. It took some difficulty considering the differences in size, but in the end, she had managed it. Chase slid his body into the hole, but suddenly she got an idea. He had that knife!

Running back over to where the fight had taken place, she didn't find it. Dang. It sounded silly, but she had wanted to bury it with him... and so she went back.

Now came the hard part; burying him.

Chase took a deep breath, and grabbed the shovel.

Any last words for him?

She couldn't think of any. But after a while, only one came up.

"... See you soon."

And with that, Marty disappeared under the dirt.

Once she was finished, she placed herself on the carousel, holding her knees to her chest and her head bowed.

She had been all cried out, but she still felt upset. Add in the exhaustion from the walking and from filling the hole, and needless to say she didn't feel so good. Chase knew it was inevitable, that she'd see death again. But it still hurt. Dawne, Jon, Rekka, Ben, Michelle, Joshua, Marty. They weren't coming back. She knew for a fact. Still didn't mean it didn't hurt, though.

She might as well head out, then.

Grabbing her things from under the seat, she turned to leave, only to notice the shovel. Hey, one of those could actually be useful in the long run, now that she thought of it. But, she then remembered how her back had hurt from just the crossbow, the crowbar, and the gun. A shovel would be worse, would it? She had to make a choice, then; leave behind the crossbow, leave behind the crowbar, or leave behind the shovel. A crossbow had the advantage of being long-range. A crowbar had the advantage of being a bludgeon. A shovel had an advantage of also being a bludgeon, as well as things like what she had just been doing...

She had made her choice.

Placing the bag back on the ground, she slid out the crowbar, and tried to figure out what to do with it. Maybe stash it around here, so if she needed a weapon she could come back and find it? But what if someone found it? What if someone used it badly?

She wouldn't let that happen.

Chase had placed it in under the carriage parts of the carousel again, the exact same place as before. She hoped no one would notice it. If she needed a new weapon, though, she could always come back, right?

She grabbed the shovel, placed the crossbow in her bag as well as she could, and started to leave. However, she came to a horrifying realization once she was at the entrance.

Marty had Joshua and that crush of his die. She had seen how earlier he had tried to kill himself by busting a camera, only to be stopped. This was before Joshua had been killed. After he had died, she had found a full grave and an empty grave, with Joshua no where in sight. This after he ran directly in front of Nick. There was a possibility that the filled grave had Joshua in it and the empty grave was for...

Marty had wanted to die back there.

She didn't want to dwell on it.

And there was no telling that if she knew the whole picture, she'd react any better.

She just had to go.

((Anna Chase continued in Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This))
((End of thread))

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