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((Acacia Salinger continued from Anthem For Doomed Youth))

There were two things on Acacia's mind.

The first was that Thea and Charlene probably thought she was on some kind of wild gun toting rage after she suggested they shoot Ricky in the tunnels. That wasn't what she'd meant, if they'd been able to read her thoughts... obviously they couldn'y, but if... then they would know what she meant. As it was, it hadn't been brought up, and Acacia didn't like to remind them in case they thought that she was crazy.

And talking of crazy, that was the second thing that was on her mind. Acacia was having some doubts about Charlene. She'd known the girl for many years, they'd travelled all over the state and country participating in doubles tennis the last couple of years, so she knew somehow that things weren;t right. But she had no idea that Thea shared her feelings, not that there was anything that the two of them could have done about it. As it was, Charlene was a killer, and Acacia didn't want that gun rage (see? It was Charlie that was on the crazy gun-totin' rage, not her!) to be pointed in her direction. Also, it might be useful if someone came attacking. Three incredibly hot cheerleader with revolvers. Acacia was tempted to suggest that they nickname themselves Charlie's Angels, but then that would put Charlie in a position of control, and Acacia didn't like the idea of any of them being a leader. Especially not the one that she thought might be going a little bit mad. Thea's Angels and Acacia's Angels both had quite good rings to them. But the point was that Charlie was controlling the Angels, making them his.

Danya's Angels. Now that was a macabre thought.

Deciding to consider the matter further later, Acacia deposited herself on the sand, becoming aware as she did so that she'd been there before. Less than a hundred metres down the beach was the spot where she'd hugged her knees and blamed everyone for her predicament. She still hated beaches, in all her years at high school she had somehow managed to get out of all the beach trips going. Living in Minnesota meant that there weren't many of them, to her high school glee. She looked around grumpily, as Charlie and Thea discussed tanning.

"Alright for some," Acacia said, trying to inject a light hearted edge to her voice, unable to draw her eyes away from the spot on the beach that she'd gone to just after she killed Roman. There was the rock that she had paused to tie her shoe on as she left, there the beach curved around before it disappeared around a headland. It was too familiar. Familiar places here made her feel nervous, it made this island feel too much like a home. It defied the very definition of a home.

noun \ˈhōm\
Definition of HOME
a : one's place of residence

A home was a place where people lived. This was a place where people died. Shut up, brain. Being philosophical isn't helpful here. Also, where was the philosophy in my Sociology exam, huh? Acacia pulled her sweater over her head, and adjusted the two vest tops she wore underneath so that she looked good. Despite the bikini in her bag, she wasn't going to change into it, there was a real risk that she might not get a chance to change back and would end up running around the island that wasn't a home in what was essentially her underwear for the rest of her days.

"I'm not averse to getting a little sun. It's not like we can't defend ourselves if crazies come a knocking, anyway?" she added, patting her homemade belt holster.
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