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They see me walking, they hating
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((Madeleine Smith continued from White Sparrows))

Madeleine Smith was lost.

Well, as lost as someone with no set destination could be. After she had left Ivan and the others, she managed to find her way out of the woods. From there she wandered from place to place, being sure to avoid dangerzones and generally keep out of trouble. It wasn't much, but with any luck she would run into someone. Hopefully one of the people she was looking for.

Either way, she had not found anyone for the last who knows how long. She walked, resting here and there, taking small bites of bread when she could. The announcements came and passed, and neither Violet or Anna came up. The girl let out a small sigh, thankful that the people she was looking for were still okay, then immediately felt bad because of the rest who had been senselessly slaughtered.

Shortly after the announcement finished, Maddy found herself outside of a small building. Her breath caught in her throat slightly at the sight of the two bodies near the door, but she forced herself to take a few breaths and keep going. Cautiously removing her weapon, she unfolded it into position and snapped a magazine in place.

Madeleine walked up to the door, trying her best to not look at the bodies. Opening the door slowly with one hand, the girl entered the building, closing the door behind her with a small click. The area inside was a mess, but other than that, Maddy couldn't see anything from her perspective. After a few deep breaths, she called out to see if anyone was already there.

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