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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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[The Youngest Was The Most Loved --> Ema Ryan and Hayley Kelly]

Having been a danger zone for all of Day 7, the Southern Cliffs weren't the greatest choice of destination for the dynamic duo, following the events on the beach just north of them. In retrospect, it would practically be an insult to Ema's first victim to go get herself killed stupidly, completely wasting her life by negating any chance at it being a step towards Ema - or at least Hayley - making it to the end. And yet, after interminable hours meandering around the south-east corner of the island, suicide almost seemed like a step upwards. With the Mansion set as a danger zone, though, heading past it felt a little too dangerous, so wandering around the woods and the plains to the east of the Greens was all they could do.

In the end, the two camped out (read, slept on towels under a blanket, as usual) in a small copse just shy of the danger zone boundary. Tired and still feeling the unusual psychological effects of committing a murder in cold blood, Ema was content to curl up and fall asleep rather quickly, hoping the dreams she'd had a few days prior were still a one-off.

In spite of her better judgement, when Ema awoke before the announcements once again, she decided to get up and go for a walk again. This time, she was sure, nobody would be in the immediate vicinity, and if they were, she wouldn't flip her shit and open fire again. She made sure not to stray too far south until Danya revealed whether or not the cliffs were still a danger zone, instead enjoying the coastal air from a distance, relishing the dim early dawn sunlight. With the scant cloud cover and the sun low on the horizon in the east, it managed to be pleasant for once, and Ema even left her hood down.

Eventually, though, the inevitable sound of a smug man through unseen speakers made itself audible. Ema dreaded the next inevitability, her name starring in the announcements for the first time. And whilst it was better to be noted as a killer than dead, it was better still to just stay completely incognito.

"Good morning, kiddies,"

Good morning, Captain Smarmy.

"My, my, if we don't have a new record. That's right, twenty-nine of you perished in the past twenty-four hours. I'd crunch the rate, but, well, that's what the statisticians online are for."

Again? At least I'm not alone, I guess.

The announcement played out as usual, but this time, it wasn't her own name that gave Ema an unwelcome surprise, not first, at least. No, whilst she'd put an end to Sapphire fairly early in the morning, she'd been demoted to a footnote behind some of the more interesting, less bland deaths of the previous day. Namely, Madelyn Prowers' suicide, that one was troubling. As far as she remembered, Maddy was Catholic, and killing oneself wasn't something they did lightly. Something really, really bad must have happened. Ema wasn't sure if Hayley was still asleep as she'd left her, but sharing that news wouldn't be pleasant, if it needed doing. In spite of herself, she stole a glance back towards where they'd camped for the night, nobody awake in sight just yet.

"It seems Ema Ryan has picked up the arbitrary point-and-shoot tendencies of her girlfriend, as she gunned down Sapphire MacLeod."

And there I am. Hm, girlfriend though? I guess it is official, then.

Ema almost slapped herself there, disappointed that her opinion could again be so easily swayed by mention of Hayley. There were more important things to be thinking about than lust, or love, or whatever it was between the two of them. It wasn't worth dwelling on, better to just let it play out as it will, and focus on staying alive, which she'd been doing a fairly decent job of so far.

"Oh, and stay out of The Mansion, The Mine, The Parish, and The Greens. Also, you can mark The Tunnels off your list for the rest of the game."

Mansion still off limits, with the Greens added as well. In hindsight, then, it would've been safe to go west through them last night after all. But hindsight's 20-20, so for another day, heading west or northwest was off limits. Presumably going around the Groundskeeper's Hut would be okay, though.

For the time being, however, Ema was happy to be able to head south to the edge of the cliff. To enjoy the wide open ground, devoid of human intrusion for the past 24 hours, perfectly safe for the next few, provided she didn't stray too close to the poorly fenced-off drop. A great empty plain to spend her morning on, and try not to think about what the rest of Day Eight might entail.

What a way to spend a Sunday morning... no wait, that was supposed to be yesterday. I suppose every day can be Sunday here. No school to worry about, but always that underlying dread of what's coming tomorrow... except it's potentially dying tomorrow, instead of having to go back to school.

Again, she tried not to focus on how very wrong it was for her to be trivialising things so easily, and instead on how doing so made it easier to face the future.

Nope, don't dwell on the wrong, cross bridges like that when you come to them. Just... trudging slowly over wet sand, back to the bench where your clothes were stolen...

In no time, Ema found herself humming along to yet another Morrissey song that had wormed its way into her brain, reciting the lyrics as best she could remember within her head. She didn't even notice when it started coming out of her mouth too, a low mutter at first, getting a little louder with each line.

"Hide on the promenade, etch a postcard; how I dearly wish I was not here..."
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