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Null sheen.
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There was no time, there wasn't enough time.

He moved in on her, R.J raised the sword, bearing down to attack and... dropped.

Kris froze.


The sword dipped, not towards her, simply to the ground. Not threatening. A look of sheer incredulity came onto Kris's face. What had just happened didn't add up, it didn't make the slightest bit of sense. It was absurd, ridiculous. R.J had fallen to the ground with barely a whimper.

Stare. Smile. He smiles.

Bloodshot eyes widened.

Look ou-

R.J sprung up, somehow launched himself all the way up from the ground. Kris's breath caught in her throat for that heart-stopping instant.

Collar. No. No...nono

He fell away. She breathed again.

Smile. Gloriiooous. A treasur-

A broad, relaxed grin on her face, Kris started to turn back to the box... only to see somebody rushing towards her.

What is... sharp, blades.. doesn't...

There was a brief instant of panic, and then all of a sudden... it seemed like she had all the time in the world. Kris raised the treasure and casually blocked the bizarre weapon being swung at her. Kris jolted with the impact and a clang echoed through the area, but she caught the blow nonetheless.

"Ah-ah... two on one's not fair..." Kris's voice was low, hushed. Just a little sing-song.

More than a little deranged.
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