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Ash let out a strangled cry as she fell. This was justice, wasn't it? This was what her fate was, ever since she decided to live by taking from others-


What? She had lost all sensation below her neck. What she could feel was mind-numbing pain above it. She tumbled down the hill, gasping for breath the entire way down. Her lantern flew out of her hands and was lost to the bushes. It wouldn't work properly again, just like her body. When she finally stopped rolling, she knew she was going to die. Her fading vision was skewed at an unnatural angle. Her neck had been broken, hadn't it? Oh dear god, it had.

Damn it all. She couldn't be saved now. Death was coming for her now. The short, short time she had left would be filled with agony....

All just a mistake, a damned terrible mistake.

Ash couldn't even groan any longer. Something was dripping onto her blouse, but she couldn't tell what it was. Her eyes and ears were shutting down so quickly that she could barely sense anything at this point. She struggled to see through the darkness, but it was futile.

Why fight? I didn't deserve to go back, anyways.

She never did believe that she would die cleanly. A death as embarassing and stupid like this was the only thing she was entitled to, and now she had received it. This was how she would go out, and she would just have to accept that.

Go on without me. I wasn't good. You didn't need me. Don't cry, it was always supposed to end like this-

She would've sighed if she could. It was time to give up and die. Time for her to leave this 'game' in such a terrible and undignified way. She was just another student eliminated from the register now.

Ash took her regrets with her as her body and brain shut down completely, her face as empty as her mind was in the final seconds of her wasted life.

G135: Ash Morrison - ELIMINATED
V3 Character
B88: Jeff Thorne - Dead from gunshot wounds.

V4 Characters
B103 - Kevin Harding - Killed by a javelin.
G035 - Ash Morrison - Tumbled down a hill.
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