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You hate kings and you think kings are really stupid. They are petty, bossy tyrants and are really full of themselves and are basically awful in every way.
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((GMing approved))

You're talking, Raidon. You're talking and Julian isn't particularly inclined to hearing you talk right now, mainly because when you open your mouth you are just dumb as shit.

What happened, man? What the hell happened to that badass bravado back between the fallen trees? Where's that guy, who stood tall and talked shit and sparred with Julian like some beautiful dark warrior poet? Where the fuck was the man who set off Julian's epic journey of justice and vengeance, that methodical assassin with the check marks beside his name going up, up, up? Hey you, scrawny asshole with the knife wound, help Julian look for his goddamn nemesis.

“Yeah, no, I gotcha. Roland was just being scary as fuck, all packin' a knife and plenty of distance away when there's two of us with guns. Shit, it was all I could do not to freeze up with terror.” But Julian, that's exactly what you did, you totally did that, did you forget that you “Don't gimme that bullshit, man.”

Not a villain giving his manifesto, not an unrepentant criminal spitting in the face of justice.

A small child. One who'd fucked something up at school and was trying to explain it to his papa.

“You know, Raidon, I don't think I've ever met anyone who's as goddamn scared of everything as you are.”

And all of a sudden a fist flying at Raidon's face, dangerous, brutal, about to hit home but- oh!- in the most clever of feints, stopping an inch or two before it met its target. And Raidon, still there, unmoving, looking pissed off at the world and at one of its citizens in particular. Unmoving, huh. Unflinching. That was honestly unexpected.

And so Julian shrugged.

It was just bullheadedness is what it was. The pathetic instinct to cling to a flattering self-perception. No, no, Raidon wasn't a coward, honest, just look at him stay steady while Julian was faking a punch on him. If he did that enough times, maybe he'd convince Julian that he had a reason behind any of his actions on this island besides pathetic selfish terror.

Maybe he'd convince himself.

“Damn. Aight, maybe you got some courage in there after all. Too bad it's the most useless kind.” And here he tousled Raidon's pretty, pretty head of hair a little. “I'm real disappointed in you, son.”

A few steps back now, but not enough silence to let Raidon get a word in edgewise. There were still words to say.

“You know why you're still alive? It's Mizore. After you passed out I was about to put a bullet in your head, but she stopped me. And she didn't even have to jump in front of any bullets. All it took was me remembering what she asked me not to do.”

“Funny how it is, right? All your kills on this island, they ain't done shit to make you safer. Ain't done shit to keep you alive. Little pacifist girl, though, shit. She's done a damn good job.”

“You say one word to me before you thought this all over very carefully, and I will beat the shit out of you.”
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Jeremy Franco is alive. You can write a better ending, goddammit.

Charlie DuClare is dead. And nothing was easy anymore except to smile.
Julian Avery is dead. Courage was the man with a gun in his hand.
JJ Sturn is dead. Fuck it, all good things gotta come to an end.
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