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It seemed Autumn was willing to show where things stood. Her threat was honest. That didn't make Claire feel a whole lot better about things, particularly where Autumn's mental health was concerned, but at least she was now forewarned. If Autumn caused trouble, or if conflict became inevitable, she'd have to be sure to take the girl's advice.

And then, Autumn explained that the pyre wasn't for the dead girl's good. Claire considered that, and quickly realized that what she had before assumed to be a negative side effect of the burning was actually its likely intended purpose. Smoke. A signal. The question now was, what for? The girl could be hoping to wave down a passing ship, but at this point in the game, that was a lost cause. She could be hoping to reunite with friends, using a prearranged signal. Or...

"It could be a trap. This may be the bait."

It was a decent plan for killing people, as long as the ones who showed up weren't on guard. The presence of a body, and the appearance of a funeral, would help put them at ease. The fact that Autumn hadn't fired yet meant nothing. She could just not want to risk Claire shooting her, too.

Claire was definitely not letting go of her gun, that was sure.

Autumn held out the lighter, and told Claire to make a wish. Slightly confused by the role she was expected to play, but not about to drop her guard and turn her back in order to light the fire, Claire smiled and said, "I think you'd better do the honors."
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