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Ash glanced at the two girls still standing around in the forest. As much as she wanted to wait and let them leave before she tried to get Dutchy's bag, her hunger finally won out over her determination. The two were looking pretty beat up, and they didn't appear to be armed. As far as she was concerned, they wouldn't be able to stop her if she made an appearance.

With that decision made, Ash prepared herself for the small raid. She took a deep breath. This was it. She would have to do this properly. She started to rise out of the foliage when she realized something. The bag might not have enough supplies to last her for the next day. She had to think about the future here. With a hesitant glance at the girls, she sunk back down.

If she wanted more, she would have to take their bags as well. Although it wasn't something she liked to consider, she was too desperate to think of an alternate solution. She would do it, and feel bad later. She opened her own bag and took out her carbide lamp. It wasn't a good tool to be used as a weapon, but it could serve as a handy bludgeon if she needed it.

20 feet? 30 feet? The two were around that distance. They would spot her long before she even got close to them. With any luck, she would be able to get to them before they pulled out any guns or weapons. She took another deep breath, rose from the foliage, and burst forward. With her carbide lantern in her hands, she rushed at Bounce and Alice. They seemed to be aware of her, but it was too late now.

This was it. It was time for her to take what she needed. Maybe now, she would get enough to survive.

Hopefully, she wouldn't have to hurt them much before she could escape with their supplies.
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