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((Thea Kairos continued from Anthem for Doomed Youth ))

Thea walked silently as the announcements came again. She tuned them out for the most part. The list of names just kept getting longer, and everyday there was someone that she knew. Besides nothing could hurt as much as hearing James’ name on the announcements a few days ago. She sighed, and thought about what she’d gone through so far. Not much probably in the grand scheme of things. But she hadn’t really had time to mourn, for James. She’d taken on the leader of their little group when no one else would. Then had to deal with people that thought they knew her and could tell her what to do. As if!

She glanced over to Charlie as her name was called over the announcements. If there was one thing to come from this, it was that she didn’t know her best friend at all. From the moment they’d met up Charlie had acted totally out of character. Honestly, she didn’t know what to do about her. So for now she’d decided to keep her opinions to herself and stay with the small group she’d found and hopefully stay safe. Of course how safe she actually was now that Charlie was a murder she didn’t know.

Blowing out a long breath, as Charlie muttered something about a tan. She laughed; she had to as she looked over at her best friend. “Maybe for you, my dear, what with you being the whitest of the white people and all. But I don’t have to get a tan, mine comes built in.”
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