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((Charlene Norris continued from Anthem for Doomed Youth))

Charlie should have been feeling a lot worse than she was. The past two announcements had heralded the deaths of fifty people - Feo, Janet (okay, she was a bit of a bitch, but still), Jamie, Carla, JJ (and killed by Jimmy Brennan, of all people), and Madelyn were the ones that stuck out to her - oh, and one other:

... Charlene Norris was the next to get in on the action, shooting down Kyle Portman, who was dumb enough to take the bullet for Hayley Kelly ...

That was the one. Weirdly enough, she didn't feel the soul-crushing guilt that she would have expected herself to feel, and the fact that she had gunned down someone who had probably, up until that point, had done nothing wrong only made up a little bit of the problem. Her thoughts on the matter were more along the lines of:

Crap. I hit the wrong person. The feeling was wildly different than how she felt due to the death of Steve Barnes - then, she was scared out of her mind, and guilty over the fact that she had done nothing. Now, she just looked out at the beach ahead of her. It was actually pretty nice - the only sign of any interference was the large circle, as if someone had decided to create a bonfire.

"Hell, this looks like a good spot to get a tan." Given the context of the game, and the increasing number of bodies peppering the island, treating today as a "day on the beach" would be only as long as someone else didn't come in trying to shoot, and the area remained clear, but still, getting some sun would be a great relaxer.
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