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((Simon Telamon continued from And Knowledge Itself, is Power))

((Title of thread from "M4 Part II" by Faunts))

Simon had been alone for about thirty-six hours. Most times when he was alone, it wasn't much of a big deal. He was capable of finding people or some form of entertainment that could keep himself occupied. Of course, they had taken away his stuff, and reading the same book was getting kind of boring. The previous two announcements didn't really help:

"... Tyler Franklin tangled with the wrong cripple, and as a result, got a tire iron upside the head, compliments of Simon Telamon ...

... Mike Jeffries made the mistake of turning his back on
Nick LeMonde and took a ... hunga munga to the back of the head ...

Bridget Connolly managed to turn Mia Kuiper into a spitted marshmallow ...

... Rein Bumgarner and
Gareth Griffith managed to bury themselves alive under a mountain of boxes and screws ...

Liz Polanski's reign of terror is at an end. Some friends of mine caught up with her ...

Teo Weinstock shot Maxwell Crowe through the head with a crossbow ..."

Things were getting better and better: practically everyone he'd met on the island was either dead or a killer, although being a member of the second group, it was more of self-preservation that caused him to worry about that fact, and the only person who'd managed to mess with Danya's group had been killed ... by members of Danya's group.

"... you can mark The Tunnels off your list for the rest of the game ..." Simon's eyebrows went up momentarily. The first permanent Danger Zone in the game. He crossed the Tunnels off his map as he approached the small building ahead of him. The first sight was one that should have made him a bit queasy, but didn't: the two dead bodies by the entrance, both with their necks blown apart. As he approached them, he noticed the note in the boy's hand:

Here lies the body of Ethan Kent. He's a genuis, no bullshit. He deserved better. I don't really give a fuck why you came here. But if you come in, don't touch shit and KEEP QUIET. DON'T SAY ONE WORD. Of course. Danya had mentioned that Ethan had smashed some cameras. The other girl, he had no clue of her identity. Simon just walked inside, unable to do anything about it, and looked around.

The place was a mess, as if someone had decided to go all party-animal and trash the place. As he looked around, he noticed two regualation bags: the first marked "FEMALE STUDENT #43 - FEO ELERI SMITH" and the second marked "MALE STUDENT #2 - ETHAN KENT." Feo's bag had the usual stuff: some food, water, first aid supplies, etc. He transferred all the stuff that he could use into his bag. Ethan's bag held most of the same stuff, as well as a pair of binoculars, although the first aid kit was somewhat used. All of those went into Simon's bag as well.

Everything else was a wreck, and Simon looked around again, looking into the cameras ...

"... Ethan Kent decided to commit a little vandalism and broke some cameras. I'm afraid he won't be doing any more of that ..."

Where were they? Danya said that the cameras were broken, but all the cameras here were ... oh wait. Danya had sent people onto the island to "fix" the "problem." Simon just sighed and lay faceup on the couch for a second. He was in a hot zone again.
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