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Mike's knee was burning. He was shaking. This guy was mad. This was as bad as it got. The worst thing was, Mike didn't even really know who he was dealing with, didn't know what to expect, what he was in for. Not Maxwell, that was for sure. Liam whatever, the recent killer? No, the name didn't match the face.

The guy was getting closer. He brushed Mike's hand aside, rather than hitting him with the scythe. Mike was so confused and tired from his desperate escape earlier that he barely put up a struggle. The guy wasn't moving too quickly, though. What new insanity was this? He leaned down...

And punched Mike right in the groin. Mike let out a cry and curled up instinctively, the pain washing over him and drowning out everything else. He could see spots. For a couple seconds, he couldn't even respond properly, but he managed to force out, "F-fuck you."
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