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As Maxwell continued to treat his arm to the best of his abilities, his thoughts drifted back to the subject matter of who on the island posed the greatest threat to him.

After all, whilst the competition must have been reduced to half its original number by now, that still didn't change the fact that there were many fellow players like him who were out there gunning for the number one spot. Sooner or later, once all the pacifists and cannon fodder had been dealt with, he was going to have to face hardened killers and borderline psychopaths. And whilst earlier in the game it would have made sense to let them go about their business removing the competition, such as when he decided NOT to kill a certain Clio Gabriella, eventually he was going to have to take on his fellow players one-on-one.

With this in mind, Maxwell thought to himself... Who WERE his biggest opposition?

Well, there was Reiko Ishida of course. She was still the second most prolific killer on the island, although recently she didn't seem to be particularly busy. Perhaps she suddenly realised how much of a twisted bitch she was and decided to throw in the towel, or maybe she finally reunited with that Chinese girlfriend of her's whose stopping her from playing the game.

Or maybe she just sucked at killing people, and she just so happened to be lucky so far.

Apart from Reiko, a few other names had been mentioned on more than a couple of occasions during the announcements, such as Raidon Naoko and Hayley Kelly. Sadly, Maxwell knew very little about either of them, but from the sound of things they weren't the kind of people to underestimate. If only he knew what they looked like... Oh well, not much I can do about that. Although, judging from Raidon's peculiar name, he's probably a foreigner of some description.

Another name which seemed to get mentioned a lot recently was Liam Brooks. A latecomer, from the sound of things, and a bloody determined one at that. Perhaps he was some loser who finally couldn't take the stress of the game and finally snapped when the pressure got to him, or maybe he'd been pussyfooting about for the first couple of days before finally deciding to man up and start playing. Either way, the fact remained that he was racking up an impressive bodycount at a fascinatingly fast rate. Best to keep an eye out for THAT one...

Then there was Nick Reid, that son of a bitch. A part of Maxwell was glad that he hadn't killed him all those many days ago, after the fool had nearly burnt him to a crisp with a misaimed Molotov cocktail. Still, thankfully it wasn't too late to repay the favour JUST yet, and sooner or later Maxwell was certain that he would get the chance to take care of some unfinished business.

There were probably many others he should worry about... The number of people who'd killed had grown to a ridiculous number since the last time he checked. People who had probably killed by accident, or regretted what they were doing the minute they realised the full extent of their actions. But there were also those who had just started their reigns of terror, and those who were deliberately looking out for outright players such as himself. Not to mention the numerous students out there with INTENTIONS of playing, but had decided to wait for the opportune moment to strike once the majority of their classmates where already dead. They would be the kind of people he would have to look out for in particular.

Argh! God DAMNIT, this stings! Am I even doing this right? Bloody FUCKING hell...

It didn't take a genius to figure out that Maxwell wasn't doing a particularly good job sewing up his arm. After all, the young Brit's knowledge and experience when it came to medical expertise was exceedingly limited, seeing as it wasn't a skill he ever thought would come in handy. Now that he realized how difficult it was, Maxwell made a mental note to learn some basic first-aid skills once he finally made it off this rock.

Christ almighty, i'm going to be here for bloody hours sewing this thing up. Guess I should be glad that I don't have to pry a bullet from my arm with a pair of pliers, but still......

.................Wait, who the hell is THAT?

He only glimpsed her out of the corner of his eye, but that was all Maxwell needed to realize that he was no longer alone. Standing there, looking right at him, was the most peculiar looking Asian girl he'd ever laid eyes upon.

However, rather then immediately grabbing his gun and opening fire on the intruder, Maxwell couldn't help but just sit there staring right back at her. There was something about this girl that perplexed. Heck, there was something about the entire situation he'd suddenly found himself that just wasn't quite right, and yet he couldn't quite figure out what...

...It was only when she introduced herself and offered to patch up his arm that he finally realized what it was.

She didn't recognize him.

Any sane person who knew who he was would have gunned him down on the spot, or at the very least run screaming for the hills. Maxwell was so used to everyone he met already being aware of who he was that he didn't think that there would be anyone like him who wasn't familiar with the majority of their classmates. Then again, maybe she was just being particularly saintly (read: imbecilic) and decided that it was a good idea to help out your fellow man, even if said man was the most prolific killer on the island.

Either way, this left Maxwell in an interesting position... Here he has a girl who, for whatever reason, was perfectly fine to stitch up his arm despite the fact that he could potentially be a dangerous killer. On the one hand, he could act all aggressive and try to pry some information from her by force like he'd attempted to do with Whatshername... OR, he could do the smart thing and take advantage of the poor naive oriental girl and get his arm stitched up by someone who actually knew what they were doing.

In the end, he decided to go along the latter.

"Y-Yes, sure, go right ahead..." he replied to her offer, putting on the best faux American accent he could manage. Which, as it happened, was pretty damn good. After all, whilst she didn't immediately recognise who he was, if he revealed his English heritage to her it might give the entire game away. Assuming, of course, that she didn't realise who he was. In which case he would simply claim that he was worried that she might of misunderstood him if she knew of his reputation.

In a worse case scenario, he could always just kill her and get it over and done with. No need to rush, though...

"Its, um, Jonathan by the way. Jonathan Blake."
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