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Autumn looked steadily at Claire for a moment. If she was going to shoot her, she would have done it by now. Still, it never hurt to be cautious.

"If you take a shot at me you better pray it's fatal or I will put you down," she said.

Autumn tossed sand onto the door. She chucked handfuls of sand until she seemed satisfied by the amount and began spreading it down, even and flat.

"I don't know her," she answered in question about the girl. "I don't care, frankly. It's for me. Not for her."

She hoped that her real purpose might occur to Claire but if it didn't, seeming like a crazy person suited her fine. Autumn grabbed the dead girl by the arms and dragged her to the sand covered door, hefting her onto it after a few tries. They were near enough to the water that the waves licked at the wood. When a particularly large swell came in the door floated for a brief second before being let gently down again by the retreating tide. Autumn threw a few pieces of drift wood onto the girl and dug into her pocket for the plastic lighter that she'd found in Staffan's bag.

"Make a wish," she said and held out the lighter to Claire.
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