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How cute.
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[Sorry for the delay. Was going to put this up before but then I got skipped xD Ah well, better late than never.]

When Kaitlin pointed out the other people, Peter had spun around to get a look for himself. He didn't look too pleased, especially when he saw that scythe. They thing put an almost instinctual fear into Kaitlin's heart, and before she even realized she was so scared, her heart was damn near pounding out of her chest and it felt as if everything had forced its way into her throat. She wanted to crawl away, to cry and run and scream and get as far away as she could. It was very much as if Death himself had come down to take them. The rifle hadn't put this much fear of death in her. But this was different. She wanted to get away. She wanted to run.

Peter seemed to know just what to do. He always did.

When he squeezed her hand, Kaitlin couldn't help but think that he knew exactly what to do, where to go, and how to keep them safe. He always knew. He was always prepared. If the sun started to go down, he was right there working on a fire to keep them safe and warm. If they were running out of food, he would be getting to work on a trap or picking out the things they could eat safely. He was always prepared, and she knew that he would always keep her safe. She trusted him with everything. Her life. Her heart. She trusted him and she loved him.

She swallowed the knot in her throat and nodded.

Quick as she could, Kaitlin made sure she had everything she needed. She even picked up a stick for good measure, just in case, and smiled at Peter when he gave her hand another squeeze. He would keep her safe. He would keep her safe, and she would keep him company. Neither of them wanted to be alone. Kaitlin certainly wouldn't survive, and she hoped that her presence made Peter feel just as good as his presence did for her. She held her new stick tight and she held his hand tighter, and soon they were off.

They'd run through here before, but it seemed so different now.

Before they disappeared, Kaitlin looked back at the boys. Back at the boy with blonde hair like Peter's, and the boy with a weapon that brought images of Death and destruction to mind. She witnessed the first strike. The blow that struck the boy down. The blood.

And all she could think about... was how much he looked like Peter then.

...When did she start crying?

[Girl #48 - Kaitlin Anderheim. Continued in So Far Away From Home.]
Boy #??? - Joshua Edwards
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