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And just then, Mike realized his mistake. The crazy guy wasn't just suicidal or stupid. He was totally nuts. He made the even showed the courtesy of fairly well announcing such, giving Mike a second to respond. Mike spun, preparing to defend himself, but the scythe lashed out at his leg.

The angle wasn't the greatest, and the laceration inflicted by the blade wasn't too severe, but the blow had far more dire consequences. The shape of the scythe meant it caught Mike's limb easily, with the result being that he was unable to back away, unable to put more distance between himself and this freak. Instead, as he tried to jerk clear, the scythe pressed harder into his knee, driving the blade in deeper, and Mike tripped, toppling over backwards.

He threw his hand out to catch himself, but landed in a pile of sticks, the splintering wood cutting his palm. He gave out a yell of pain and fear, but didn't slow down, rolling over and throwing his arm up as a futile preemptive defense against the strike he was sure would soon be coming.
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