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He might've knelt there for an eternity, looking down at her face, still with that last little smile on it. Imraan knew he should do something for her, but could hardly bear to contemplate it. Putting ...putting Jessie in the ground? He couldn't bear to do that.

He was there for a long time, longer than he could really count of remember. Until... at long last.


Peter Siu had done this. Killed the only person he cared about that wasn't either dead or already or flinging themself off at the deep end. Forgive? Forget? Imraan felt a familiar rage bubble to the surface, an anger that he had kept confined and all but forgotten about for years now.

This wouldn't stand.

Imraan stroked Jessie's hand a few more times, then stood, stony-faced.

This wouldn't stand.

"Peter..." he whispered. "You won't get away with this."

((Imraan continued in You Always Get What's Coming))
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