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Something had gone terribly, terribly wrong.

As Nathan edged open the door, Maf took the time to prepare. Prepare for what? He didn't know what lay on the opposite of that door, and mere instinct told him that nothing would prepare him for the worst. The worst was that Jason was in the process of murdering someone. But it just couldn't be that. It couldn't.

He slipped the gun into the firing position. Something he'd become all too familiar with, unfortunately, having to use a gun like this wasn't detrimental to one's sanity or former clasps to life. He slung his bag over his shoulder, letting it fly and letting it fly far to reach up to him. And he tried to figure out what on earth he needed to say to Jason. What was going to happen, how on earth it was going down.

Of course, think too long and you get way too many of your questions answered for you.

There was a gunshot. A definite, right there. It wasn't aimed it them, that was also a definite. But then...Nathan made the mistake, some stupid mistake, of giving their position right away, like he wanted their aim to be true.

And sure enough, it happened. As Maf stepped backwards, trying to avoid his friend sprawling onto the floor, he saw the rifle, and he saw the flash of the fire. It was pure luck that the bullet imbeded itself in the door, but Maf still scrambled backwards, away from the door and away from visibility. Even with the certainty at hand that his life was no longer in danger at that fixed second.

Of course, there was every single passing fixed second to follow, and another gunshot followed. There was...something off. It wasn't the same sound. Every gunshot sounded the same, true, but it wasn't something he could explain. Just an off feeling as he tried to keep out of sight.

Yes, that question was answered quickly too.

"Nath! Maf! Get down!"


They knew he was there, they knew something was up, but of course, it had to be him involved. Maf mentally hurdled down the track and over to the most logically conclusion in place here, but common sense told him to follow their friend's instructions.

A friend.

Forged through fire.

And here was where Maf tried to decide what he needed to do as he squatted down, out of sight, as the battle raged on outside.

You better have something, Jason.

"Nathan, the door, get away from there," Maf's words sliced through the air towards the boy on the floor.
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