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Raidon suspected he had a higher pain tolerance than most of his peers--he was under no illusions as to the relative normality of his upbringing--but for all his cruelty Hayashida had been careful not to cripple his victims (he'd be under investigation if his marks were too obvious). This knife wound was something new; it was a sharp violation, desecration of his body, exposing his innards to the outside. These were abstractions to the central point, however.

It really fucking hurt.

Soryu--gentle, soft fingers (and even now he couldn't help but think of those soft fingers on his back, on his lips, in his hair and no!) slowly peeled the shirt from his shuddering chest. "Hold still," she said softly. "I'm going to need to stitch you up."

She seemed as keen as he was not to meet eyes; she made no effort to catch his gaze. She simply pulled a clean T-shirt from her bag, knotted it, and placed it near his mouth. "Bite down," she ordered.

This time you're trying to help me, right? This time you're not digging you're hand into my wound because I can see the truth and you can't?

He bit down, closed his eyes, and vented the mounting scream in his throat through a long hiss, pulled through gritted teeth. The needle itself was less of a problem then the wound she was working on; every touch set it to throbbing again, the waves of pain reaching out from deep in his chest, tightening around his lungs and his heart, making him feel weak and cold. He hunched over as soon as she was done, still hissing, fighting against the deep, cold pain knotted inside of him. She said something he didn't here and then left. He lifted his head and looked about; Julian was crouched over by a tree, staring fixedly at the ground.

Raidon was now alone with Julian Avery. Alone with Julian Avery, and quite defenseless.

The thought came to him, but he hurt too much to be afraid; he hurt too much for anything but anger. He looked up at the other boy, his eyes narrowed. He had only the haziest memories of leaving the swamp, but aside from the gun which he'd lost he remembered the dull splashes of something like rocks clattering into the water.

He couldn't think of a reason Soryu would be dropping rocks into the water. Which left only one alternative.

Julian seemed to have realized Raidon was staring at him; his eyes left the ground and found Raidon. They stared at each for a short while before Raidon said, "He was going to attack us." His voice came out in a rasp, and he closed his mouth, taking another moment to clear his throat. "You saw how he went for that knife, Julian. He was going to attack us."
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