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((Slight GM approved))

There was perfect silence. It was the sort of silence that soufflé chefs aspire to. You could hear a pin drops, or perhaps in this case, a heart break.

Mary-Ann was locked into the unanswered question she'd posed to Kris. Was she going to kill her? The grenade launcher needed to be loaded still. Neither of them moved.

Mary-Ann's fingers dug into R.J. still warm skin.

And suddenly time started up again and seemed to be running in fast forward now to make up for before. Kris moved and Mary-Ann tried to grab her gun and bag to run. They were heavier than she'd accounted for and Mary-Ann stumbled and fell, landing on her right knee and then her right shoulder. She could feel the point of impact in her knee start to heat up, but that took a backseat for the moment. She picked her things up again and starting running, this time with success.

Her bag strap dug into her banged up shoulder but she didn't care. It was fear that had a hold of her and kept her sprinting back towards the woods right past the spot were she'd gotten that kiss.

Breathing was so hard. She gulped for air as she ran because she had never stopped crying. Strands of her hair were sticking to her face where it was wet and getting in her mouth. She tried to brush it away.

Mary-Ann began to cough and her cough turned to retching. She stopped for a brief second to choke down some air. She was alone and so scared and she'd left R.J.

For as long as she lived now, she'd never see him again.

((Mary-Ann Warren continued in Waves of Devotion ))
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