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Mike blinked at the guy. What the hell was his problem? There were all sorts of things to worry about on the island, and he wanted Mike to kill him? That was insane. Mike didn't want to kill this guy. He hadn't done anything to Mike, well, except put him in this awkward situation in the first place. Moreover, being a killer would probably really mess up his credibility when it came to trying to escape this awful island.

More than that, why was it so important that he do the killing? Why not just mess with the collar and explode or whatever? Mike wasn't even armed. He'd have to beat this guy bloody with his bare hands or choke him or something, and the thought gave him chills.

"No, man," he said. "If you want to die, you can do it or something. I have to go. I have things to work on."

He turned, and started walking away from the crazy guy.
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