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Oh, look who had finally been woken up by the new person.

Milo had been spending most of the time either fast asleep or in a daze. Honestly, she couldn't blame him. And to be frank, it was possibly the best thing for him to be doing right now. Aileen could remember when he attracted Jacquard over by screaming that he was going to skull-fuck her. Compared to that, she'd prefer him to be asleep. Sure, he could actually be helping them plan things out, but sleeping was nice compared to his... past antics. Especially right now. Aileen still wasn't in the best of moods after that announcement.

But now he was up. He had promptly announced this by... appearing to scream into his bag. Aileen stared for a few seconds, and went back to the new girl. Okay? Now what-

Oh hell. He was asking her what he was doing the past few days? She honestly had no clue. If screaming at killers that you want to skullfuck them, making fun of their names, and feeling insulted over being called a "Ron" counted as something, sure. But he was probably asking about being asleep and/or dazed this entire time.

But it didn't help he had called himself a "lion blooded demigod". If by "lion blooded demigod" he meant "complete moron", well, sure, that would be a yes. Not only a yes, but a yes with flying fucking colors.

"You've been sleeping like a sack of potatoes", she mumbled, reaching up to rub her head again.

Okay, the last time she had a conversation with him, it didn't end well. For a few seconds, she almost expected it to end in some way similar. She didn't know, him screaming about how he wasn't a potato and that he wants to stab Lombardi in the butt with a fork or something. He wasn't that predictable, certainly. But you never know.

But enough of Milo.

After prompting from Aaron, new girl(?) introduced herself as Aston Bennett, and revealed her weapon; a small gun, a Bersa. Good news, she wasn't planning on attacking. Bad news, she was asking them whether they met two people and implying that... well, yeah. So someone who had a grudge against two people was now asking them if they had seen certain people implicitly so she could fucking kill them. That... that... she didn't even know what to make of that. Sure, some part of her still wanted to find Nick Reid, Hartmann, and Jenkins, and get back, but now... now? They were dealing with some girl who seemed to want revenge against someone, for reasons that weren't explained. She wasn't sure just how bad a thing it was.

And, oh hell. More people?

One of them she recognized, though once again, she couldn't remember his name. But she did remember that he apparently had a werewolf fetish or something along those lines. Maybe one of those "furry" things? She had no clue. The other guy, though... damn, who is that? It seemed as if the furry guy was the one doing all the talking and acting, though.

And oh great. Their new job, it seemed, was not to escape the island, but to find miscellaneous people that were lost. Two new people they had to look out for; someone named Rena Peters, and someone else named Saul Fetteralf, the "husky mascot". If she were in a better mood, she'd honestly make a comment about the guy obsessed with werewolves wanting to find someone wearing a husky mascot outfit. That's what these "furry" people liked, right, mascot outfits?

But, more importantly, she was sure that they hadn't ran into any of these people, at least not recently. Heck, they hadn't seen anyone else over at least two days by this point, she was sure.

"Guys... we haven't seen anyone else but each other for days..." she grumbled, answering both questions at once.

Would they stick around? Maybe. Heck, furry guy would be good in case they needed strength, judging by his looks. But these three people were off looking for someone else, including two people that the girl apparently wanted to murder.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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