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The other girl pulled out a gun too, pointing it in Claire's direction. Instantly, she had her own weapon readied and aimed. The other girl... Claire now recognized her as Autumn O'Leary. No kills, as far as she could recall. Autumn had always seemed a pretty decent girl, but none of that meant anything now. Jimmy Brennan hadn't killed for days. JJ had been an asshole. Everything was different here.

Autumn said she was making a pyre. Claire glanced around the area. There was a body, certainly. Somehow, she had avoided any more than a passing interaction with the older corpses throughout her time so far. Autumn's mission made her think for a second. Would she do the same for Aislyn, pay her body some sort of respect, deliver a posthumous thank you?

"Aislyn wouldn't want you to risk your life, not for something that wouldn't help her in the slightest."

Autumn's choice here seemed like a potentially fatal one. She was going to be distracted, prone to ambushes. Besides that, if she succeeded, any smoke could draw nearby players. Claire made a mental note to be gone before things reached that stage. This wasn't looking like such a safe haven after all.

"Friend of yours?" she asked. She kept the gun angled a bit off, just like Autumn was. She was paying very close attention to the other girl's movements, though, ready to respond at the first sign of something wrong. At the same time, she made sure to keep an ear open for anyone else. This wasn't a good tactical location at all.
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