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While Allen was feeling pretty damn well anxious with the unknown threat hiding in the bushes, Andrea was quickly becoming frustrated with the way things were going. All the while she and her companion remained standing in just the one place, the terrorists were probably getting further and further ahead of them. That was no good at all, not if she wanted her plan to work at all. She needed all the clues she could get her hands on, and one such clue was getting further and further away with each passing minute. They needed to move, now.

"Okay, Allen, uh, I think it might be time we went our own way as well," she said, watching Dutchy leave with Roland chasing after him. "Nice seeing you, Bounce, but we're just gonna head off now," she called out to the other girl. "You're more than welcome to come along with us, if you wanna. I mean, I'm not a crazy rock-thrower, and neither is Allen to the best of my knowledge, so that's gotta be a plus, huh?"

Speaking of crazy rock-throwers, that person was still hiding and wasn't coming out anytime soon, or so it seemed. "So, uh, I guess we're out of here," Andrea announced. She picked up the duffel bag next to her feet and began to jog away at quite a pace, hoping to quickly make up lost ground and catch up with the helicopter's passengers.

Allen, only half-listening to Andrea as his attention was focused elsewhere, turned away from intently looking at both the bush and the two girls and saw in alarm that she was already quite a distance away from him. "H-Hey, wait u-aaghhh!"

Allen had completely forgotten about the tree stump he'd been sitting on earlier, as it was below his field of vision. So as he made an attempt to run after Andrea, he hit the stump with his foot and tripped over it. He put his arms out to cushion the blow and fell onto his shoulder, rolling onto his back. "Oww..." Allen whimpered, rubbing his shoulder, promptly getting back to his feet and starting to run after Andrea. He only covered about twenty feet when he realized that he left his bag laying there by the stump, so he had to backtrack, grab it and then resume the pursuit.

Neither Andrea nor Allen knew that they'd picked up the other's bag by mistake.

((Allen Birkman continued in The Man Your Man Could Smell Like))
((Andrea Raymer continued in The Lesson Today is How To Die))
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