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How cute.
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[Taking over for Peter until T-Fox returns from his brief hiatus.]

Little Peter McCue. Never had a girlfriend. And yet here he was in front of millions, his first kiss and his first real romantic moment out there for all to witness. He had yet to get over that fact when Kaitlin leaned forward and put her arms around him. It wasn't the first time she'd done that, and he hoped it wouldn't be the last. But it certainly seemed to be the most important, hands down. The world had long since stopped and all eyes were on them. They were the center of everything and nothing else mattered. Just him, her, and their embrace. Locked together with their arms around each other.

Nothing could have ruined that moment. He felt as if they were ten miles up and would never come down.

That is, until Kaitlin mentioned company.

Peter held a tiny bit of hope that it would be someone he knew, someone they could trust. Someone like Ridley. But when Kaitlin pulled back and pointed, he turned to find his meager hopes dashed. It wasn't Ridley, and it certainly wasn't someone they could trust. There was something glinting on his back... A weapon. Something massive. The bright, silver blade was catching the light and shining right into Peter's eye.

No... Not now... Why did it have to be now?

He squinted and covered his eyes, but turned his attention on finding a way out of there without drawing much if any attention. They came close, too close, with Quincy and the rifle. Peter wouldn't hesitate to protect Kaitlin if it came down to it, but he wasn't about to put her in any more danger by staying there. They had to get going and they had to do it quickly, before they were spotted or worse, before whoever it was over there decided that they would be the perfect targets to test how sharp that blade was, like some terrible incarnation of Death come for their souls.

Great, now that's all he could imagine. Death coming to lop off their heads. So much for having his head in the clouds.

"Come on, let's go." Peter took Kaitlin's hand, and squeezed tight. It had been a sign of affection just a moment ago, but now he used it to reassure her. He was going to keep her safe and the look in her eyes told him that she knew that, and so much more. The flushed color of his skin had disappeared somewhere along the line and the fluttering of his heart had been replaced by an adrenaline fueled pounding. Where a poor little boy had once stood was now a man, determined to protect what was important to him.

"Don't worry, Kaitlin. We'll be home soon. I promise. It'll just be a little longer."

He wasn't quite sure where this bit of courage kept coming from, but he was going to use it for as long as it lasted. He made sure he still had everything and with one more reassuring squeeze of her hand, set off with Kaitlin. Away from the potential dangers and out into the unknown. Toward the logging road and the Sawmill.

Dirty deeds needed doing.

With only the best intentions...

[Boy #8 - Peter McCue. Continued in So Far Away From Home.]
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