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Neill took the paper back from Rachel, quickly scanning what the other two had written. Even if the others weren't going to write a story, he felt like he would keep it going. It would give the whole thing a bit of context. Also, if they were to lose sight of it - the bit of paper - there was a chance that someone would pick it up and only see his ramblings and discard it before they read the rest of it; the important stuff. Well, the stuff that might become important, if they could actually think of something. Neill reached into his pack and retrieved a cigarette and lit it with the lighter that he was still faintly surprised had made it to the idland. Either they hadn't noticed it or they hadn't thought it would be a problem. For once in his life, Neill found himself not really caring about the small details. Instead he took a drag from his second cigarette of the trip and stared out at the trees. More important was what he might be able to do with the lighter that he had. Burn the forest down?

He began to write as he thought.

Someone was walking up the path towards her. Claudette turned sharply, her eyes guarded until she saw the dog collar that rested at his neck. The dog collar of the vicar rang a little too close to their own collars at that point, and Neill paused, taking another drag from the cigarette that hung loosely from his left hand as he wrote with his right. Her face softened and she ran down the two steps that elevated the gazebo from the ground. The vicar smiled at her as she stopped a few steps away from him. Two children, Elise and Henri from the village appeared suddenly, as though from nowhere. They didn't seem to notice the adults as they tore between them, disappearing moments later into the vines, their shouts and a fleeting memory the only indicators of their existance. I think that we should-

Pausing, another drag. He was going to study linguistics at Cornell (was being the operative word), languages were his thing. This would be a really useful time to make up a language. Neill had no idea how he was going to acheive that; he would need to do three very difficult things. The first was coming up with the imaginary language. That was enough of a reason not to bother in itself. But this was a clumsy way of doing things. The second was communicating the language to Bobby and Rachel. The third was communicating the language to Bobby and Rachel without the language at the same time becoming apparent to Danya and company. That was the hardest of the three.

Neill suspected that idea wouldn't go down well until he'd figured out the details, so kept it to himself. Instead he wrote down something else.

I think that we should fake our own deaths. After writing it he paused. Years ago he'd read the book of Battle Royale on holiday, along with fourteen other books in the same week. He was now wishing he'd paid more attention to it, but he was sure that there was something in there about a couple of themm faking their own deaths. Do the collars of dead people work? We should find some bodies and try to make their collars explode, without appearing too suspicious. Then, we can fake our deaths... somehow. And then, once our collars don't work, we can try to escape.

There were more holes in the plan than Neill cared to think about. The first thing was how to play dead; the collars measured their pulses and all sorts and they would have to fool it somehow, without being too obvious. The next was that once they were sufficiently 'dead' they would have to then somehow get up and escape, without appearing to have risen from the dead. And then escape. Also it was possible that even if the collars were deactivated upon death, they could just get reactivated when needed once they realised they were still alive.

He started a new paragraph.

Well, it's a thought. Any better ideas? Also I'm not doing too badly for food, but are there any animals on the island? We could hunt. Or if not, don't eat the red berries.
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