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What have I done?

Dutchy was gone, and so was his partner. The supplies Ash was waiting for was finally within her grasp. All that was left was to take what she came here for and leave.

The feeling that she had done something unforgivable lingered in her mind. There was no way that Dutchy could survive on his own. Sure, chances were that he was going to be killed soon anyways. It still wasn't a good reason to shorten his remaining time, anyways.

She almost left the scene in disgust, but she chose to stay at the last moment. If she didn't take the pack, then she would have essentially damned the boy for nothing. Such a pointlessly cruel action would've made her feel even worse than she did now.

Fuck this 'game'. I don't want any part of it!

Ash covered her blank face with her hands. No tears, as she expected. What was wrong with her? Was she just deluding herself into thinking that she actually felt regret for screwing Dutchy over? No, that couldn't be. She was thinking clearly now. The guilt was real. It was there. She wasn't making believe.

That was a small relief. She was still human. But for how long? If this continued, she was going to crack. Once that happened, she didn't know what she would do.

Focus. Focus on the task at hand. Don't stray from your goal. You're going to get through this day somehow.

With a slow movement, she looked back up through the foliage. Ash would have to wait until they cleared out before she could go retrieve the bag. She didn't know if somebody was waiting with a gun in ambush, but it was a chance she would have to take.
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