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Trust Sunil to sit on the fence when it came to making that kind of decision. Well whatever, he didn't appear to have anything against Garry's idea of them meeting up, so that was good enough for him.

"Alright, guess there's no harm in asking them," Garry said, starting to approach the group of five, "they obviously didn't try to attack that person-" He cut himself off when the person in question drew a gun from her/his pocket. Garry ground to a halt in mid-stride, staring at the scene ahead of him and immediately began to panic. 'Oh shit, a gun, they've got a goddamn gun out. Oh fuck, is that guy going to shoot everyone up here?!'

And to add to his problems, one of the males in the group suddenly, for whatever reason, started screaming into his bag. Which was odd, to say the least. Garry readied himself to sprint away and drag Sunil with him should things turn ugly. Fortunately, his fears were unfounded and nothing of what he imagined actually happened. The newcomer simply put the gun away again and the boy just appeared to calm back down again, Garry feeling absolutely relieved that a mass slaughter wasn't on the cards. "Okay, panic over, let's go talk to them," he said, sighing slightly at the end of his sentence.

He continued the approach, weaving around and hopping over the tree stumps in his path. "Hey, uh, hello there," he introduced himself once he was in hearing range. "Can any of you help us? We're looking for Rena Peters, she left our group a while back and we haven't been able to find her since. Have any of you seen her? We're also looking for Saul Fetteralf, you know, the husky mascot?"

It sounded all so familiar, then he remembered that he'd been through it before; when he was asking the two girls on the beach whether they'd seen Violetta. It had been a fruitless search though, Violetta died before he could reach her. And if history was to repeat itself, Rena was going to die before they reached her as well. 'No! I can't think like that! She's still alive, she has to be!'

While he waited for some kind of response, he lowered the barrel of the paintball gun so as to make sure he didn't appear threatening to the others. The last thing he wanted was to be shot down like some rabid wolf over some stupid misunderstanding.
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