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The trembling was making it difficult to staunch the bleeding. She gripped her left elbow with her right hand and forced it in so that her neck was firm on the nook of her left arm. Blood began to ruin the new stretch of fabric immediately. The tears shook harder from her skull. If she could bleed out, she would. She wanted nothing more than to rot where she lay. But she knew despite the pain and blood that the cut in her throat was pitiful and shallow and that there was no god merciful enough to give her that kind of end. She cried as she thought of other ways. It couldn’t be the knife. She’d already proved that she didn’t have the strength. It couldn’t be the gun. She promised herself she would never be on the wrong side of that gun again. She was never going to break that promise. She wondered if she could just starve. That, at least, she had experience with. She could just stay a pathetic sobbing ball until her body tired of her own bullshit and shut down. It was almost a pleasant though. It felt comfortable. She cried and shook harder. She just wanted rest. She’d die to get it. She’d never move again if it meant that she could stop aching. Then Kimberly’s legs filled back in her vision and she moaned in her chest. There would be no rest. She tried to stop her crying and shaking as Kimberly’s face lowered to her own. It only worsened. The shame and exhaustion burned in her bleeding throat. Why wasn’t she gone? Was she here to finish the job? Had she changed her mind? The thought wasn’t so terrifying anymore. Rhory didn’t need it to be on her own terms. That pride was gone. She just needed it. She needed to just finally stop.

Then she noticed the red box with the white stick. This time, she couldn’t keep from laughing.

Each heave stung across her throat. Her tears came down just as strongly. The fucking Marls. This was all their fault. Would she have tried to have her fun with Kimberly if she hadn’t seen them? Maybe. Probably. But they were a good enough scapegoat for now. She decided to have her revenge on them.

She wiped a grateful stream of fresh tears with her right hand and shakily extended it towards the girl.
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and you may say to yourself, "My god, what have I done?" · The Felled Forest: North