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Of course. There always had to be somebody to shit all over the work he was trying to do. He should've told Jackie to keep her mouth shut too.

The challenge hung in the air. Peter shifted his body, turning slightly to put Jackie in his peripheral vision. He may as well oblige her in discussion; it would beat waiting in the dim silence which was not encouraging Brendan to do anything and putting up with that dull ache in his leg. He drew up a breath and straightened his shoulders. Jackie had taken up a stand and Peter wasn't going to make himself look like he'd be easy to bowl over.

"Do I need to repeat myself? He needs to fucking man up. Sure shit happens. People die when you don’t mean them to. If he'd done it on purpose, I'd have blown his brains out already. Still, it’s been a goddamn week, Jackie. Way too late to be throwing pity parties.” Peter shuffled his feet slightly, trying to get his jeans from sticking too much on his left leg. “He wants to run? To hide? Not on my watch.”

Peter’s free hand came up and rubbed absently at his mess of hair. The words echoed hollowly around him. Of course he knew everything about running from his issues. But even then, at least he was trying. He could still do something; make an impact.

“I’ve already killed people. So have you, Jackie. And guess what: we’ve gotten through it. We’re stronger because we can live past that.” Jackie’s confident tone hadn’t escaped Peter’s notice. Back at Bayview, she had been shy and mousy, and now she was anything but that. “If Brendan can’t do the same, then what does he have left?” Peter picked at his pant leg again, trying to innocuously peel it away from his skin. When had he started sweating that much?

“What does he have to live for? It'd be a mercy to spare him that pain.”

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