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((Maxwell Lombardi continued from Intermission))

Oh god...

It didn't take long for Maxwell to realise that, somewhere along the line, he'd made a terrible mistake. That all his most recent actions had led him to this point of no return, that he'd spent so long heading in the completely wrong direction. That he was too blind to realise what should have been such an obvious blunder, which could have been avoided so easily if he'd actually stopped and thought about it before it was too late...

...In other words, he'd managed to get himself lost in the middle of some godforsaken forest again.

...Where the bloody hell is the infirmary?!? Damnit, I knew I should have taken my father's advice and join the scouts back when I had the chance. I can't read a bloody map to save my life!

Tired and frustrated, the young Brit decided that it was best to once again take refuge underneath the faithful branches of a nearby fir tree that was seated at the edge of a flowing stream. Thankful for the opportunity to refill his nearly depleted bottles of water, he took the rare opportunity to quench his thirst without worrying about using up too much water again. His food supplies, on the other hand, were starting to dwindle somewhat. It wouldn't be long until he'd be forced to hunt and forage for his own food... Or, he could always simply acquire rations from the next person who crosses his path. That tactic had proven to be very effective in the past.

Anyhow, may as well get on with stitching up this injury whilst i'm still technically conscious...

After removing his top and the makeshift bandage he'd made for himself, Maxwell began to slow and painful process of treating the bullet wound in his arm. Thankfully, the bullet hadn't actually embedded itself into his arm. That being said, it still badly grazed it, and would need to be properly stitched up before he could carry on with the game.

Maxwell wasn't a doctor, but he knew the basics on how to treat an injury like this. After all, he'd once witnessed an injury not unlike this one being treated whilst he and his old colleagues had been out hunting one afternoon. After going through the process of cleaning the injury and making sure that it wasn't infected, the ambitious young killer then began to get to work on stitching the injury up. Little to say, it was an incredibly painful experience for him. Not to mention tricky, seeing as he wasn't able to use his right hand whilst his left attempted to stitch the wound up without any mishaps.

As he got to work, Maxwell took the opportunity to think back on a thought that had crossed his mind a few hours ago. Throughout his stay on the island, he'd managed to rack up a big enough kill count for even his most idealistic classmates to consider him as a huge threat. Undoubtedly, there were many players out there like the late Sarah Atwell who were specifically looking out for him. Not that he could blame any of them. He WAS the single most prolific player on the island after all.

Now that he thought about it, perhaps it would have been a better idea to have taken a more subtle approach to the game. Let other people play in his place rather than get his own hands dirty. That way, he would be able to stay innocent in the eyes of his classmates, which would instantly get rid of the problem of dealing with the hypocritical "moral high ground" player-hunters who were out for his blood.

At the same time though, he knew for a fact that it was impossible by this point to try and do that now, not after he'd already proven without a doubt that he was the most dangerous person on the island. Perhaps if he'd decided to play BEFORE killing Augustus he could have taken that approach, but ever since that moment on the beach where he'd found himself standing before two corpses, Maxwell knew that he had a huge target on his head. Sure, they were both out of self defence, but who on earth would trust HIM of all people?

Besides... In a way, he loved all the attention his reputation was getting him. After all, it wasn't as if he couldn't defend himself. Damn near all the morons who'd ever tried to kill him were already dead. Plus, he couldn't deny the fact that the thrill of the hunt was far too exciting for him to let some other schmuck take all the glory for himself. The more he thought about it, the more appalled he was to the idea of letting someone else take the spotlight whilst he cowers in the background.

If there was one thing Maxwell was certain about, it was that his reputation as the top killer on the island meant that everyone he met either respected his dedication to the game, or were terrified to be in his very presence. And, when it really came down to it, that's exactly how he liked it.

OW! Damnit, this hurts...
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